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Main Features Of Doctors App

More Appointments

  • Get more patient appointments from multiple sources such as Google Business pages, Your own SEO website, Doctors App as well as In clinic/hospital visits.
  • Send reminders to patients regarding their upcoming appointments.
  • Patients can find and book appointments through our Doctors App as well as Website.
  • No need to maintain patient appointment system in Visitor log book.

E-health records(EMR)

  • Save your 40% time through AI Powered EMR features of Doctors App. Issue Digital Rx in less than 30 seconds.
  • No need to maintain a paper file for Rx. Save paper file cost through our Digital Rx tools.
  • Maintain history of patient health records and provide better treatments.
  • Share Rx to patients through WhatsApp in one click.

Increase your Google Reviews

  • Increase Google reviews of your Clinic/Hospital on a daily basis. Getting feedback from your patient would help to improve your services.
  • Having more reviews helps doctor’s clinics/hospitals to have more visibility in their vicinity.
  • Patients can find you easily through your Google search and book appointments.

Share important updates on WhatsApp

  • Share any important notifications through most popular messaging tools Whatsapp.
  • Send Appointment details, Rx as well as Invoice to Patient through WhatsApp.
  • Don’t worry if the patient has forgotten the Rx file during their follow up visits, still they have had it in their WhatsApp.
Success Story

What our Doctors say about us?

Doctors App helps me immensely in converting my practice into digital practice because of its specialized feature of video feedback because of that patient sends review immediately after receiving the message. I love this feature and it is benefiting my practice.


Dr Husein H Mamujee

General Physician

It is easy to operate, it helps me increasing my google reviews and it is definitely beneficial for my practice. Thank You.


Dr Ramesh K Tapase


Doctors App team is very customer centric and provide best support to us so that we can start using Technology Product which would help to increase patient footfalls.


Dr Rajashree D Deshpande


About Us

A platform for doctors to grow their business.

Doctors App is created for the purpose of increasing Patient footfalls by more than 50% in the next 2-3 months in Doctors Clinic, Healthcare Centers and Diagnostics Center.

It would help you to generate leads from all platforms such as Website, Google Business Profile page, On-clinic, Diagnostics Center visits for Doctors.

Our digital care management plans help keep the patients engaged throughout their care journey through multiple built-in reminders for follow up consultations.

Book Diagnostics Lab Test from multiple sources such as Google Business pages, We provide your own SEO website, Doctors App as well as In diagnostic center visits.


More than 1 billion people in India will be online in the next couple of years. Get discovered by thousands of patients today!

As soon as patient consultation is over, Doctors App automatically sends personalised WhatsApp messages to patients and requests them to share their experience which would be directly updated on Doctors Clinic Google Business Pages.

Google Reviews help a lot to build visibility in your clinic/hospital locality. Due to the Digital arena, most patients search in Google, Google actually recommend those doctors who have high reviews. Doctors App Technology helps to increase Google Reviews on a daily basis.

Doctors App help you to make your clinic/hospital brand and become front face to patients and offer cutting technology and features to Patients to maximise your businesses. We dont charge for any services for every appointment. It is a subscription and SAAS based platform.

You are in charge of your data and nobody else would have access to it apart from you. Your Patient record is yours and if a patient is allowed to share with other Doctor Rx, you are allowed to view and get a better idea of the medical history of the patient.

Offer cutting edge technology experience to Patient through Online Appointment, Patient App and share any updates related to Rx, Appointment and Billing through WhatsApp. Run Different Campaigns and share those things to patients through WhatsApp Promotion. Stay Connected with Patients after consultation.

Doctor/Receptionist can take appointments of their patient through on-call for in-clinic consultation and patients would be informed about their appointment and reminder through WhatsApp. Even though emergency appointments of patients can be taken through App.


Doctors App helps to enable doctors and hospitals to be transferred from their Clinic and Hospital into Digital Clinic/Hospital. Provide word class Mobile App for Patients where they can book appointments and store their Rx and Billing at Free of Cost. Save a minimum of 40% of time through our AI-powered EMR( Digital Rx) and share it with patients and our own stores and lab for better services.

Do you have any hesitation ?

We will be Happy to Answer it

Doctors App uses the latest AI-powered Technology which ultimately provides an easy to use app for taking appointments, writing EMR or you can upload handwritten Rx to the app. This is very easy to use just like the WhatsApp application. In Meantime, we also provide training to doctors and their staff on how to use the app during Onboarding process. Doctors App had been designed in such a way that Doctors can issue Prescriptions in 3 steps only. AI-tools enables customise most used medicine in top list for Doctors.

Doctors App would actually be the whole appointment process and it also helps you to save your minimum of 40% time through our AI-powered EMR ( Digital Rx ). This save time can be used to consult other patients and increase your practice revenue on a daily basis.

Our Technology product is world class and provides the best experience to Doctor and hospital. We can help you migrate from other software which you have been using. Please connect with us about the process.

Yes. This is a time where you need to increase patient footfalls and increase your practice revenue. Doctors App promise to increase patient footfalls up to 40% in 3-4 months through their technology product and services.

Our Survey shows that patients search Doctors in a nearby location and read their Google Reviews and make decisions based on it. Once your clinic and hospital is digitally converted, patients in nearby locations as well as across cities can find you and know about your treatments and book an appointment through in-Clinic or Video Consultation.

Your Patient is highly secured and you are in charge of your data. We are using the latest technology and encryption to manage confidential patient data. You are in safe hand.

Government has approved Telemedicine which actually offers affordable as well as best consultation remotely. This is very useful for patients where they can get benefits and consultation similar to in-clinic consultation remotely.


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Office no : 318, JP North Imperia T2 Commercial, Mira Bhayander Rd, near to Arkade Art Complex, Vinay Nagar, Mira Road, Thane, Maharashtra 401107.

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